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Chocolate. (Need I say more?)

Posted by on May 16, 2011

Eating chocolate requires grace, endurance and, usually, the enthusiasm of women. Varun doesn’t love chocolate, but he doesn’t dislike it either. In our house, chocolate consumption goes something like this:

Me: I’m craving chocolate.
Self: Me too!
Me: Varun–do you want some chocolate?
Varun: No thanks, just more wine.

(Here I carefully break two squares of Masala Chocolate and plop onto the couch to savor the chocolatey, spicy goodness. Varun grabs a square, chows down and shrugs. I look on in shock)

Self: Did he just steal my chocolate?
Me: Uhhmhm. And he didn’t even like it!

(Note: If you ever need to pull me out of a coma or lure me into a tank filled with genetically enhanced, man-eating piranhas, this chocolate is guaranteed to make me comply)

Needless to say, I was overjoyed when Vasudha suggested we eat chocolate fondue. For the occasion we bought strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, pretzels and chocolate for melting.

Notes from Chocolate Fondue-Land:
-Rigging two pots as a double boiler is incredibly effective
-Adding milk to chocolate fondue transforms it from smooth, buttery goodness to a clumpy, mud-like consistency
-Chocolate fondue holds no power over Varun, he walked away after one dip
-Chocolate fondue holds enormous power over me and Vasudha. It is a Gateway Food. It inspired us to make cupcakes, cheesecake and eat fondue 4 days in a row.
-Graham crackers! How could I have forgotten?!

This was fondue session #3, while making cheesecake. Don't judge.

2 Responses to Chocolate. (Need I say more?)

  1. Bernice

    There’s a blog called Sleep Talkin’ Man that is this Brit guy’s wife who records what he says at night and posts the best bits online. It’s a tad rude at times as they’ve figured out this otherwise-perfectly-polite-and-gentle man says these things as a sort of release from the stress of the day. Anyways, his wife (and him on occasion) have taken to interacting with him during these moments to try and get him to do/say even more =D

  2. Bernice

    hahah I *just* realized I stuck this on the wrong blog post… ooops

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