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So I described myself today as someone who “blogs regularly” at ESL Marriage. Yeah…so about that. It’s high time for a post. Unfortunately, this post doesn’t contain a funny Varunism. Not because he hasn’t said anything hilarious recently. He has. I just can’t remember anything and it’s 11 p.m. So why have I been so … Continue reading »

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The Time the Dr Told Me To Sleep More

Remember that time I had electrodes coming out of my head? About 2 months ago I had a sleep study done to try and figure out why I sit up in my sleep. It took 6 weeks for the results, 2 weeks for a blood test, and then yesterday, the moment we’ve all been waiting … Continue reading »

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Finland, Anyone?

For someone made the decision to get married at 21, I have a curiously hard time with commitments. Signing up for classes and buying airplane tickets elicit more distress and second-guessing that choosing to Tie The Knot. Odd, I know. (I guess it was an easy decision because my hubby is so awesome) (AWWW). At … Continue reading »

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Chocolate or Water?

I love chocolate. I crave it daily. Really though, it’s a privilege to crave sweets. Did you know that one in eight people doesn’t have access to clean drinking water? That’s astounding! During my first visit to India, I was haunted by the faces of little children who came begging up to the car window … Continue reading »

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All In A Day’s Work

Earlier this month, Varun’s sister Vasudha was visiting us. We had so much fun!!!! One of the days, we went downtown to see the live taping of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight as he interviewed Rémy Girard, a Quebecois actor. What an oddly Canadian experience for her. Before the show, George asked who had traveled the furthest … Continue reading »

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