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Tragedy and Hope at the Wagah Border

Two weeks ago, Joanna and I went to the Wagah border ceremony on the border of India and Pakistan. Four days later, a suicide bomber killed 60+ spectators on the Pakistani side of the same ceremony. When I heard the news, I was sipping chai with an Afghani neighbour, safely home in Canada. The Urdu … Continue reading »

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The Ideal Flight

Flying. Nothing is quite so exhilarating, boring, efficient and exhausting. No matter where I fly I’m perpetually amazed by two things: how fast I got so far, and how tired I am after doing nothing but sitting around in cars, waiting lounges and airplane seats. So here’s a question that was recently posed to me … Continue reading »

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Of Younger Brothers, Airplanes and Cheesesteaks

“Do you want to know what zero gravity feels like?”, Luke asked over the crackle of the radio. This is not something you want to hear from your 20 year-old brother who is piloting an aircraft. Before I had time to answer, he tipped the nose of the airplane down and my stomach jolted. When … Continue reading »

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The Surprises We Find: Giraffes and Biltong

The Surprises We Find is a series of guest posts written by friends in intercultural marriages. Over the summer, they will share the hilarity, confusion, shocks and romance of being in intercultural relationships. For some, the shocker is how similar they are, despite differing backgrounds. For others, the shockers include new types of food, in-law … Continue reading »

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Are We Crazy?

Somewhere in the middle of job-drama and school and adoption, Varun and I had the brilliant idea to go camping for our 4th Anniversary. Because really, nothing says romance like sandy tents and communal showers. Here’s the catch: I’m not sure if we have the skills for this endeavour. Growing up, my family did our … Continue reading »

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