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Mexican Tortilla Soup

Perhaps in a futile attempt to deny the onslaught of Winter, I’m on a South of the Border kick these days. And no, Canadian Amis, I don’t mean American. I mean Mexican. Central American. Warm climate, spicy food, sunshine, zesty music and melodic syllables I don’t understand . Allow me to invite you into my … Continue reading »

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The Time We Survived Camping

Armed with a tub of Nutella, camping gear and excellent reader suggestions, Varun and I embarked on our First Ever Camping Trip By Ourselves. Other than a hint of sunburn and one mildly damp sleeping bag, the weekend was disaster-free. Our first objective upon reaching the campsite was to hang the tarp. Between comments from … Continue reading »

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A Letter To Adoptive Mamas

I love that not even 2 days go by without someone asking how our adoption is going. The expectation and support of Our People is epic. The smiles and hugs and prayers and “It’ll happen”s keep us from getting discouraged. Also, the baby books and cookies don’t hurt either (The cookies are for us. So … Continue reading »

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Spring Fever

Today was a crazy day. First off, the weather is having some serious issues. Apparently living on a Great Lake means winter and spring duke it out on your doorstep, errr…balcony. This all happened before my morning snack. Like I’ve said, I don’t trust spring here. Now you know why. Secondly, I happened to find … Continue reading »

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Pre-Gaming Spring

You know you live somewhere cold and North if the first week that things are above zero: -you have the windows open 24/7 -jackets become optional -everyone and their Grandma takes up jogging, ball hockey & other outdoor sports -talk of spring, BBQ’s and 5k’s abound Call me a pessimist, but I’m a bit reluctant … Continue reading »

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