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The Time I Scolded the Henna-Wallah

When I’m in India, I generally try to keep my feistiness to myself. But when someone messes with my family, my calm and polite facade¬†crumbles. This time,¬†I was able to be Demure Indian Amelia for 4 whole days, until the Mehndi party. Henna, or mehndi, is a paste that’s artfully applied to the palms, arms … Continue reading »

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Conference Survival Guide for Cowardly Extroverts

Alright friends, it’s confession time. I’m the worst extrovert ever: I fear small talk and meeting new people. But seriously. I’m heading to the Write! Canada conference and I’ll be honest, I have no small amount of anxiety about being in a room full of business card wielding strangers. Thankfully, my family loves to dole … Continue reading »

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Busting the Valentine’s Day Myth

I once dated someone who, in my opinion, didn’t observe Valentine’s Day to my satisfaction. Being my direct and tactless self, I expressed this displeasure to him. If you ever want to throw water on the embers of a dying relationship, initiate a transatlantic correspondence by snail mail pointing out a 20 year old male’s … Continue reading »

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Home is where the (heart is) slippers are

The Surprises We Find is a series of guest posts written by friends in intercultural marriages. Over the summer, they will share the hilarity, confusion, shocks and romance of being in intercultural relationships. For some, the shocker is how similar they are, despite differing backgrounds. For others, the shockers include new types of food, in-law … Continue reading »

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New Series: The Surprises We Find

Happy Fourth of July, American buddies! One of the joys of blogging about intercultural marriages and being in a community & city where they are increasingly common and celebrated is that we have tons of friends in intercultural relationships. For my first ever guest blog series, I thought I’d let some of my friends share … Continue reading »

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