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The Tapestry of Grace

Unpredictable. Chaotic. Surprising. Arduous. Exhilarating. It’s hard to sum up life these days. Life since…well my last blog post was just shy of a year ago. I never stopped blogging intentionally; life became full and the longer I went without blogging, the more difficult it became to imagine posting again. So here we are: a toe-in-the-water … Continue reading »

Categories: adoption, friends, immigration, life, love, neighbours | 4 Comments

From ‘Namaste’ to ‘I Do’

I’ll never forget the uncertainty and fear I felt, as I sat at the kitchen table, tracing the word “pyaar” (love) in gold letters on our wedding invitations. My thoughts were racing to process the contents of a recent discussion Varun and I had had in premarital counselling. While exploring the chapter on extended family, Varun … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, communication, family, love, wedding | 1 Comment

Busting the Valentine’s Day Myth

I once dated someone who, in my opinion, didn’t observe Valentine’s Day to my satisfaction. Being my direct and tactless self, I expressed this displeasure to him. If you ever want to throw water on the embers of a dying relationship, initiate a transatlantic correspondence by snail mail pointing out a 20 year old male’s … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, customs, love | 6 Comments

Our Own

Too many times Varun and I have been asked, “Oh, are you going to have your own kids too?” Or some variation of this question. To be fair, I get it. Not every family has read books and blogs and forums about adoption. Not everyone has thought through the nuances of words like “birth Mom”, … Continue reading »

Categories: adoption, family, kids, love | 19 Comments

From Concussia with Love: And There Was Food

I’ve never brought home a new baby, but I hear that when you do, friends and family shower you with love and affection and food. It turns out, the same thing happens when you get injured, minus the bit about staying up all night and changing poopy diapers. Suffice to say, I can’t think, yet … Continue reading »

Categories: food, friends, love | 5 Comments