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Surviving My To-Do List

Aloha!¬†As the not-so-warm Ontario summer fades into Fall (or as I call it, The Impending Doom of Winter), I am slowly emerging from the vortex that was Grad School. Yes friends, I have rejoined the world of vacuuming and cooking meals: I’m finished my Masters. To celebrate, I drove 7 hours to my parents house … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, Fall, Housekeeping, life | 2 Comments

From Concussion With Love: I Built A Fort

Remember when you were little, and you’d gather a bunch of blankets and sheets and make a fort? (It’s okay if you don’t, Varun had no idea what I was talking about either.) At any rate, it was great fun. So One Day, I was laying at home bored. Actually, that was everyday. In fact … Continue reading »

Categories: Engineering, sleep | 2 Comments

Hello World, Goodbye Brain-rest!

Well friends, it would appear that I am beginning my transition back into normal life. While it would be impossible to paint a complete picture of the past 18 weeks of my life, I will endeavour to do so through a mini-series called “From Concussia With Love”. (I termed my brain-rest bubble “Concussia”. Because I … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, confusion, life | 10 Comments

Missing Pieces

In my world, things get lost a lot more than they get found. Amazingly, on Day 2 of my concussion Varun and our Dear Friend M excitedly told me that they had found “the missing puzzle pieces”. Not sure if my brain injury had clouded my cognition, I asked for further explanation. Rewind: It’s February … Continue reading »

Categories: dating, family, life, love | 5 Comments

On Brain Vacation

Two of my three sports related injuries involved sports equipment falling on my head while I was not engaged in sports. This is how athletic I am. Unfortunately, on Sunday evening at a picnic I acquired one such injury: an over-inflated soccer ball to the head. I was not playing soccer. Heck, I wasn’t even … Continue reading »

Categories: embarassing, friends, sleep, summer | 4 Comments