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Political Correctness Fail

The conversation screeched to a halt and I was met with staring faces: two shocked (my Canadian friends) and one amused and what-have-you-done-now? (Varun). Me: Um. What? B: You said ‘Eskimo’. (Apparently this requires no further explanation) Me: Yeah. As in, igloos. I don’t get it. Is this a bad word? A: We do not … Continue reading »

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Re-Runs: One-Liners

This post is from April of 2010. I pulled it out of the archives for your enjoyment…Happy Canada Day (week) and (early) Fourth of July!  One Liners Him: Are u okay? You look tired, like the skin on ur face is dropping off. Me: Um, I do? It does? I’m fine..? ________________ We were once … Continue reading »

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Things That Make Me Laugh

1. Now that we live on the second-to-top floor of our apartment building, I spend a lot of time looking at the elevator numbers, watching them slowly light up. Varun and I were shocked to realize that there really isn’t a 13th floor. Is this a North America thing? A Western thing? Does anyone else … Continue reading »

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Fun With Words

This morning. Pre-coffee. Varun: Do you have water? Me: Um, yeah, my water bottle is in my bag. Varun: Okay, I’ll just take a swiff. Me: A swiff? Um, you can have a swig. Varun: Swiff. It’s what we say in India. Me: Really? Varun: No, I just say that when I want to invent … Continue reading »

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The Wrong EmPHAsis on the Wrong SylLabel

Varun: Um, why does the cheese say “rape”? Me: HUH? What? (Examines conatainer) Oooh. Rah-PAY. It’s Italian, I think it means grated. (Pause) Varun: I like mur-DURRR! Me: Um. What? Varun: Just because you change the way you say it doesn’t make it good. Interesting point. Reminds me of this 2003 gem, View from the … Continue reading »

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