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The Christmas Ache

Can you feel it? The gnawing, nagging sense that you’re just not feeling Christmas? That maybe if you listened to a few more carols, watched another Christmas movie or finished wrapping presents, you could work up Christmas cheer? If I’m honest, it’s not about the Christmas cards I neglected to create, nor the decorating I never … Continue reading »

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As a kid, I was pretty confused about what was good about Good Friday. There was a lot of talk about Jesus being betrayed, whipped and then killed on a cross. As I’ve grown in my faith, I understand that Good Friday is Good because it’s a rescue story; it’s Good because three days later, … Continue reading »

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Unexpected by Ann Weems Even now we simply do not expect to find a deity in a stable. Somehow the setting is all wrong: the swaddling clothes too plain, the manger too common for the likes of a Savior, the straw inelegant, the animals, reeking and noisy, the whole scene too ordinary for our taste. … Continue reading »

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Grace, Love and Cake

I have a very strange habit of preparing elaborate meals full of never-before-tried dishes when I have company over. Like yesterday. We had 7 friends over (plus 1 baby and 1 toddler), which, if you consider the size of our apartment, is no small feat. I decided to make lamb for Easter Lunch. I thought … Continue reading »

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This is my first Easter after visiting Jerusalem. It’s incredible to hear the account read and to remember the very twisted lanes of Jerusalem through which Jesus carried His cross, the stones laid two Milena ago and the quiet garden where the tomb might have been. “He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not … Continue reading »

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