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The Much-Feared Homestudy

Before we started our home study, I had visions of our adoption practitioner checking our closets and looking under the bed, searching for piles of laundry or giant dustbunnies–clues we would be poor parents. I agonized about a super-awkward, super-envasive series of visits in which we tried our best to maintain the ruse that we … Continue reading »

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Surviving My To-Do List

Aloha! As the not-so-warm Ontario summer fades into Fall (or as I call it, The Impending Doom of Winter), I am slowly emerging from the vortex that was Grad School. Yes friends, I have rejoined the world of vacuuming and cooking meals: I’m finished my Masters. To celebrate, I drove 7 hours to my parents house … Continue reading »

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Houseplants Save Winter

I once killed an aloe plant. I know: the fact that a cactus experienced failure to thrive under my care does not reflect well on my gardening abilities. Keep in mind I was about 14 years old, and my concerns tended to be focused on grasping algebra, finding a date to the formal and attempting to … Continue reading »

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Guest Post: Loosen Up and Have Some Chai!

Hello friends! Today I’m blogging over at my dear friend Sarah’s blog, This City Life. Sarah and I go waaaaay back. To a time when we fell in love and followed our men to rainy, but sushi-filled, Vancouver…There, we were coworkers and have enjoyed staying in touch via Twitter and Les Blogs ever since. And … Continue reading »

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Grocery Shopping for the Faint of Heart

I once confessed to my friend Joanna that I am often near tears every time I reach the cash register at the grocery store. My compassionate friend quickly told me that I was immediately disqualified from being part of her Post-Apocalypse Repopulating Earth Plan. (“If you cry at the check-out you’re not emotionally stable enough. … Continue reading »

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