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Of Henna and Dancing

I have stepped out of my normal life and into a Bollywood movie: choreographed dance, henna, sparkling saris and the good-natured chaos of wedding celebrations. Since we arrived in India on Sunday, we’ve had the privilege of joining various wedding preparations and festivities for the upcoming marriage of Vasudha and Vishal. Vasudha, my dearly-beloved and … Continue reading »

Categories: bollywood, celebrations, dancing, family, hilarious, Hindi, india, wedding | 2 Comments

Conference Survival Guide for Cowardly Extroverts

Alright friends, it’s confession time. I’m the worst extrovert ever: I fear small talk and meeting new people. But seriously. I’m heading to the Write! Canada conference and I’ll be honest, I have no small amount of anxiety about being in a room full of business card wielding strangers. Thankfully, my family loves to dole … Continue reading »

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Summer Links

Hello Friends! It’s true, there has not been a lot of blogging happening recently. But, there has been a lot of life happening. And a lot of guitar-playing happening. Until I gather my thoughts into something life-changing, or until Varun busts out another hilarious cultural snafu, here is the Best of The Internet… Thanks, Kate, … Continue reading »

Categories: food, hilarious, life, summer | 2 Comments

What We’ve Been Laughing About

I’m a firm believer in laughter. Varun and I take great joy in laughing at with each other over cultural and linguistic confusions. Here’s what we’ve been laughing about this week… Me: Oh, that reminds me of this movie I used to watch as a kid, Bambi. Varun: Barbie? Me: No, Bambi. It’s about this … Continue reading »

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A What?

On Saturday, Varun and I were waiting by the elevator when his cell phone pinged. We were waiting for an email, so he read it. As he did, his eyebrows knit together. Varun: What does this mean? Me: What? Varun: A rain check? “Can we have a rain check”? Me: Oh, means that they’re … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, confusion, hilarious, language | 3 Comments