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The Tapestry of Grace

Unpredictable. Chaotic. Surprising. Arduous. Exhilarating. It’s hard to sum up life these days. Life since…well my last blog post was just shy of a year ago. I never stopped blogging intentionally; life became full and the longer I went without blogging, the more difficult it became to imagine posting again. So here we are: a toe-in-the-water … Continue reading »

Categories: adoption, friends, immigration, life, love, neighbours | 4 Comments

The Ideal Flight

Flying. Nothing is quite so exhilarating, boring, efficient and exhausting. No matter where I fly I’m perpetually amazed by two things: how fast I got so far, and how tired I am after doing nothing but sitting around in cars, waiting lounges and airplane seats. So here’s a question that was recently posed to me … Continue reading »

Categories: food, friends, travel | 3 Comments

Thoughts In The Holding Pattern

Over the years, we’ve dreamed and planned and feared and waited alongside dear families pursuing adoption. Slowly, out of the mist of rumours of referrals and matches that weren’t approved, these families had names of children. And then faces on glossy photos. Suddenly, spare rooms and empty corners fill with boxes of diapers and neatly … Continue reading »

Categories: adoption, family, friends, india, kids | 6 Comments

From Concussia with Love: And There Was Food

I’ve never brought home a new baby, but I hear that when you do, friends and family shower you with love and affection and food. It turns out, the same thing happens when you get injured, minus the bit about staying up all night and changing poopy diapers. Suffice to say, I can’t think, yet … Continue reading »

Categories: food, friends, love | 5 Comments

On Brain Vacation

Two of my three sports related injuries involved sports equipment falling on my head while I was not engaged in sports. This is how athletic I am. Unfortunately, on Sunday evening at a picnic I acquired one such injury: an over-inflated soccer ball to the head. I was not playing soccer. Heck, I wasn’t even … Continue reading »

Categories: embarassing, friends, sleep, summer | 4 Comments