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Surviving My To-Do List

Aloha! As the not-so-warm Ontario summer fades into Fall (or as I call it, The Impending Doom of Winter), I am slowly emerging from the vortex that was Grad School. Yes friends, I have rejoined the world of vacuuming and cooking meals: I’m finished my Masters. To celebrate, I drove 7 hours to my parents house … Continue reading »

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(Almost) Everything You’ll Need for a Great Thanksgiving (With kids or without!)

by Amelia’s Big Sister While Amelia is still down for the count, I volunteered to step in and supply her faithful readers with some Thanksgiving resources: recipes, books, prayers and even some songs to accompany your turkey dinner (or random Thursday in late-November). Whether you’re an American overseas, an international friend hoping to learn more … Continue reading »

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Tired. Cranky. Stressed. Overwhelmed. These are probably the adjectives I used the most this week. And yet last night, as I baked an apple pie for our American Thanksgiving Celebration, I realized how full my life is with blessings. How I have so very much for which I can give thanks. And so, with the … Continue reading »

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Thursday Morning

Happy Thursday! I know I haven’t been Super Blogger recently, but lemme tell you, I’ve got some juicy and  fascinating intercultural-marriage flavoured posts coming. Soon. For now, let me introduce you to 7 excellent links…. This is a really good story. Here are some important and sobering pictures of modern day slavery. My friend Sarah … Continue reading »

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Happy Fall Long Weekend!

Hello, friends! Here in North America, this weekend is basically Fall Long Weekend, although we’re quite split about why exactly we have Monday off. For those of us North of the USA, it’s Thanksgiving on Monday! In America, Monday is Columbus Day. If I had a little bit more emotional energy, or if I hadn’t … Continue reading »

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