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Houseplants Save Winter

I once killed an aloe plant. I know:┬áthe fact that a cactus experienced failure to thrive under my care does not reflect well on my gardening abilities. Keep in mind I was about 14 years old, and my concerns tended to be focused on grasping algebra, finding a date to the formal and attempting to … Continue reading »

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Tales From A 20 Hour Sleep Study

I’d like to tell you about my sleep study! But with Instagram and the rest of the Internet changing their privacy policies left,right and centre, I’m gonna wake up one day and find that someone printed this blog and made it into a best-seller. (HA!). Speaking of this blog being a best seller, before I … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, life, science, sleep | 3 Comments

The Time the Dr Told Me To Sleep More

Remember that time I had electrodes coming out of my head? About 2 months ago I had a sleep study done to try and figure out why I sit up in my sleep. It took 6 weeks for the results, 2 weeks for a blood test, and then yesterday, the moment we’ve all been waiting … Continue reading »

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The Sleep Study

When I read the instruction guide for the sleep study, I figured it would be straightforward: go, wear some random equipment and sleep. Oh naive little me. By the time check-in time came at 7:45 pm, I was freaking out. The prospect of not performing well, sleeping in a room watched by strangers and not … Continue reading »

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Life in My World

It was 6:55 a.m., we’re driving in traffic and I’ve yet to have coffee, tea or breakfast. Varun: So, in your opinion, what are the limitations of the Scientific Method? Me: Umm…??? Varun and I were at dinner with a dear Indian friend, J, trying to convince him to come for supper at our house. … Continue reading »

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