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On Brain Vacation

Two of my three sports related injuries involved sports equipment falling on my head while I was not engaged in sports. This is how athletic I am. Unfortunately, on Sunday evening at a picnic I acquired one such injury: an over-inflated soccer ball to the head. I was not playing soccer. Heck, I wasn’t even … Continue reading »

Categories: embarassing, friends, sleep, summer | 4 Comments

Sari Love

I wrote this post this past weekend and have postponed publishing it. While this is a sad and busy week, I think a post like this is a good reminder of life, joy, laughter and love. ______________________________ Wearing a sari is basically one of my favourite perks of being married to Varun. Well, that and … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, confusion, dancing, embarassing, friends, india, love, wedding | 2 Comments

Travel Tales from India: When Checking Into a Hotel Is More Difficult Than Opening A Bank Account

Wherever we go in India, Varun and I make a bit of a scene. Most people have seen foreigners, to be sure. But a foreigner who appears to be intimately familiar with an Indian? A foreigner not surrounded by white friends, but by an Indian family? A foreigner wearing Indian clothes and sindoor (the red … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, confusion, embarassing, india, travel | 5 Comments

In Which You Can Laugh At Both Of Us

Yesterday, I asked a friend how much I should be willing to embarrass myself on my blog. Ever a caring friend, she replied quickly, “As much as you’re comfortable with; I want to laugh”. I’ve debated sharing this video for about a week, and last night I decided to share it with you. While we … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, confusion, dancing, embarassing, hilarious, india, winter | 5 Comments

Guest Post: Loosen Up and Have Some Chai!

Hello friends! Today I’m blogging over at my dear friend Sarah’s blog, This City Life. Sarah and I go waaaaay back. To a time when we fell in love and followed our men to rainy, but sushi-filled, Vancouver…There, we were coworkers and have enjoyed staying in touch via Twitter and Les Blogs ever since. And … Continue reading »

Categories: confusion, embarassing, friends, Housekeeping, india | 1 Comment