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6 Things that Shocked me about New Fatherhood

You know how every blogger wants to write a book? Well, my good friends Tim and Olive actually did. In fact, they wrote two. And today is the launch of book #2! In celebration of this momentous event, Tim is here to tell us about the surprises of parenthood and we’ll be giving away two … Continue reading »

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The Fault In Our Stars (Book Thoughts)

Yesterday I read 1.75 books. I also managed to do laundry and get dressed. Miracles do happen. After being told by my Mom, Dad and brotherĀ (for weeks) about The Fault in Our Stars, I finally read it. Oh. my. word. My brain is in hyperdrive. If you haven’t read this book, stop reading and go … Continue reading »

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My Grandparents have been to more than 100 countries. Their house is adorned with matryoshka dolls, hand-carved wooden giraffes, photos of penguins and various trinkets and souvenirs. As a child, I would stare at the red pins on their world map and wonder about the life of a child in the USSR or try to … Continue reading »

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Road trip!

I’m super excited to have the privilege of being a guest blogger at the blog of my dear friend’s Tim and Olive today! Stop by and read my post, “What I learned About Marriage From Rubbermaid Storage Boxes“. Weird title, I know. But what did you expect? [This is where I put in a picture … Continue reading »

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You Say Potato…

Here are goofy tidbits from our week. You’re welcome to laugh alongside us… The other night, I was telling a story to a friend: Me: Eww. I hate centipedes. Once, I was at my parents house and was using the bathroom in the basement and a centipede had gotten stuck in a Dixie cup and … Continue reading »

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