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The Christmas Ache

Can you feel it? The gnawing, nagging sense that you’re just not feeling Christmas? That maybe if you listened to a few more carols, watched another Christmas movie or finished wrapping presents, you could work up Christmas cheer? If I’m honest, it’s not about the Christmas cards I neglected to create, nor the decorating I never … Continue reading »

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The Baby Blanket That Lent Me Hope

As Varun and I sat in the flickering candlelight reading words of hope from Genesis last night, I thought how candles are beacons of hope. Bright and yet fragile, a candle can give light to a dark corner or be snuffed by a strong gust. At times, our hope too is frail, weakened by long days … Continue reading »

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Unexpected by Ann Weems Even now we simply do not expect to find a deity in a stable. Somehow the setting is all wrong: the swaddling clothes too plain, the manger too common for the likes of a Savior, the straw inelegant, the animals, reeking and noisy, the whole scene too ordinary for our taste. … Continue reading »

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The Tale of the Crooked Christmas Tree and the Broken Stand

After Thanksgiving, my google reader was abuzz with Christmas tree posts: DIY ornaments, beautifully decorated trees and peaceful looking children. Last year, I wrestled with the fact that Varun and I don’t have many Christmas traditions. Establishing traditions as a family is tough, especially when we come from two very different cultural backgrounds. But to … Continue reading »

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