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Someone’s Last 20-Something Birthday

Varun and I were teammates on a trip when we met in North Africa. Over the course of several weeks, we became friends. One evening we were taking an overnight bus ride across the country, which incidentally was 6 years ago today–Varun’s birthday. Somehow we ended up sitting next to one another (by accident *cough*cough*). … Continue reading »

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Birthday Win

Celebrating Birthdays as “grown-ups” (BAHAHA) feels a bit weird to me. We’re too old to make a fuss and just write it off as we’re kids it’s what we do, and we don’t have children so we can’t throw ourselves giant birthday parties and pretend “it’s for the kids”. So here we are. Twenty-something (some … Continue reading »

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Birthday Love

Happy Birthday to my best friend, partner in crime and husband, Varun! Since I would never reveal his age online, I’ll just say this. Two things about Varun that make me smile 1. The never-ending stream of songs that he changes the words of: Christmas songs, advertisement jingles, hymns…the surprising twists keep me on my … Continue reading »

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Adventures of a Wannabe Film Aficionado

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between the producer of a movie, and the director. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching movies. But I only know the most famous actors and would hardly call myself a film buff. However, this weekend, for just one day, I was a pretend … Continue reading »

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Birthday Love

This year, my birthday felt like something of a turning point. It is the fifth birthday I have celebrated with Varun and my Quarter of a Century Birthday; I can now rent a car without paying extra and can legally drink in India. The weekend at my parents house was a blast. These pictures are … Continue reading »

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