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The Baby Blanket That Lent Me Hope

As Varun and I┬ásat in the flickering candlelight reading words of hope from Genesis last night, I thought how candles are beacons of hope. Bright and yet fragile, a candle can give light to a dark corner or be snuffed by a strong gust. At times, our hope too is frail, weakened by long days … Continue reading »

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January Adoption Update: Another Twist!

So this isn’t exactly an update, because this isn’t “news”. It’s really “olds”. This particular twist in the journey occurred in September 2013, but yours truly was not in a blogging state. In April 2013, I shared that the orphanage/RIPA we had been assigned to in Hyderabad said they were unable to match us with … Continue reading »

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The Big Switch

Howdy Friends! Happy Canada Day to my Canadian buddies. We just got home from (another) camping trip which was awesome but left us exhausted and facing sandy sleeping bags and soggy groceries. Just wanted to remind you that today is the day that Google Reader dies. Sad times. I’ve switched over to Feedly and have … Continue reading »

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Pre-Gaming Spring

You know you live somewhere cold and North if the first week that things are above zero: -you have the windows open 24/7 -jackets become optional -everyone and their Grandma takes up jogging, ball hockey & other outdoor sports -talk of spring, BBQ’s and 5k’s abound Call me a pessimist, but I’m a bit reluctant … Continue reading »

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T-shirts and Pennies

You know what’s super? How much support Varun and I have received in our adoption! Bags of clothes, a stroller, hugs, promises of homemade meals, prayers and yes, even cheques! We are incredibly blessed with generous and loving friends and family. In fact, I recently got an email from our adoption agency that knocked my … Continue reading »

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