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Of Henna and Dancing

I have stepped out of my normal life and into a Bollywood movie: choreographed dance, henna, sparkling saris and the good-natured chaos of wedding celebrations. Since we arrived in India on Sunday, we’ve had the privilege of joining various wedding preparations and festivities for the upcoming marriage of Vasudha and Vishal. Vasudha, my dearly-beloved and … Continue reading »

Categories: bollywood, celebrations, dancing, family, hilarious, Hindi, india, wedding | 2 Comments

Dear Western Bride of a South Asian Groom, Part II

Imagine a Bollywood movie about a beautiful, respectful, graceful and demure Indian girl. Okay, now imagine a white girl, botching words in Hindi, inadvertently wearing shirts backwards and speaking her mind at inappropriate moments. I am, of course, the first girl. Ahem. In April, I wrote a letter to a dear friend who was wedding … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, bollywood, communication, dancing, family, india, travel | 2 Comments

For the Love of Cricket

I think the first time I ever heard of cricket was in London in 2005. A Very Big Cricket Tournament was happening and the city was abuzz. I remember being somewhat baffled. And years later, I married a man who somehow convinces me to wake up at odd hours to watch cricket tournaments. Life is … Continue reading »

Categories: bollywood, cricket | 3 Comments

Sick Days and Bollywood and Daft Bets

One of the perks of being sick is that you can watch endless numbers of TV shows and movies and not feel guilty. Okay that’s a lie. Maybe in someone else’s world this works, but for me the pattern is something like this: wake up with a ridiculously sore throat. do something productive. feel sick. … Continue reading »

Categories: bollywood, confusion, family, Hindi, kids | 5 Comments

Happy Republic Day!

Remember when Varun, Luke and I flew from Helsinki to New Delhi this past summer? I wondered then, as I still do, if there are enough Indians in Finland to justify a daily, non-stop flight… I digress. On January 26th, India celebrated Republic Day. This was slightly confusing for me as I had just gotten … Continue reading »

Categories: bollywood, dancing, hilarious, india, travel | 4 Comments