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Breakfast, India Style

Posted by on June 19, 2012

During her stay with Varun and I the past few days, Varun’s mom made us lots of tasty Indian food. Apparently our smoke detector does not like Indian food, so it spent a lot of time under a pile of blankets. Meanwhile, Varun and I feasted on daal, parantha, mutter paneer and fancy rice, pilau.

While I love almost every dish the Subcontinent has to offer, parantha is like a breakfast dream come true. Varun’s Mom was kind enough to make me my favorite, aloo ka parantha. This is basically rolled out dough (flour + water), folded around a mixture of chopped onion, boiled potatoes, chilies and spices. Fry it up, slather it in butter, and enjoy with plain yogurt and achar (pickled mangoes). YUM.

Thank you, Mummyji!!!

One Response to Breakfast, India Style

  1. Liz M

    ooo…aloo paratha is my fav too! šŸ™‚

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