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Birthday Love

Posted by on May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to my best friend, partner in crime and husband, Varun!

Since I would never reveal his age online, I’ll just say this.

Two things about Varun that make me smile

1. The never-ending stream of songs that he changes the words of: Christmas songs, advertisement jingles, hymns…the surprising twists keep me on my toes. And giggling.

2. Varun’s willingness to laugh: at himself, at mistakes, at traffic, at cultural mishaps. I never know what he’ll find funny, what door he’ll jump out from behind or what form of food he’ll hide in my curls (yeah, we’re six years old).

Fear not. That’s a water gun.

Eight things about Varun that I admire

1. Love for God.

2. Loyalty. Varun loves his family and friends fiercely.

3. Integrity. His commitment to truth and character is amazing.

4. Compassion. Except toward spiders, cockroaches and poorly placed pigeon eggs.

5. Generosity. I’m pretty sure Varun would give away our fridge if it weren’t nailed down.

6. Chill-ness. Anyone who can nap without setting an alarm has my undying admiration. And kind of stresses my time-conscious self out.

Some of us take cricket pretty seriously….

7. Intellect. Give the man any two numbers and he can add them, multiply them, divide them. And make a cogent argument for most political, scientific and religious issues.

8. Dancing skills. He had me at “Bhangra”.

3 Responses to Birthday Love

  1. Miranda

    Aww, what a fantastic tribute! (Yes, we’re 6 years old. LOL!)

  2. JInny

    You didn’t say anything about his dashing handsomeness…

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