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Big Announcement…

Posted by on October 22, 2012

We’re excited to announce that we are adopting a child from India!

We’re gonna have a child!!!!!! WOO!!


Let’s start from the beginning. When Varun and I were dating, we talked about kids–how many we wanted, when we should have them, etc. I shared with Varun that I felt called to adopt; several close friends of mine had been adopted, as were two of my darling cousins. As such, it has always seemed a natural and loving way to build a family.

Over the years, God has brought various families into our life who have shared their journeys in adopting children with us. Last year, we began reading and thinking about adoption. After Varun read Adopted for Life, we knew adoption would be a way that we grew our family.
We thought about it carefully, prayed, did research, talked with adoptive families and chatted with our own families. Finally, we decided in June 2012 to begin growing our family by adopting a child from India. We are adding to our family through adoption before we consider adding to our family biologically. (There’s lots of practical and ideological conversations to have about this, so I’ll probably add to my new FAQ page later.)

This week, we got our approval from the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services! This is a huge milestone and means that our file can go to India and the waiting game can begin.

Despite the piles of paperwork, the home study, the government mandated parenting classes…it all still feels a bit surreal. It will likely be over 2 years (if not 3!!) before we bring our child home. (Here’s our timeline…) In the mean time, we are lovingly preparing a home for the special little one that will join our family.

(Believe it or not, we decided this in June and I didn’t blog about it for four months! Let’s be honest, I started a word doc and blogged Creed style. Anyway.)

(Not to worry, we won’t actually put chai in the baby’s bottle. At least not caffeinated…)

Special thanks to Shelly Spithoff for the amazing photos! We had so much fun taking them and they turned out beautifully! Stop by her website to get a peek at her awesome work.

21 Responses to Big Announcement…

  1. Vicki

    Ahhh!!! The pictures are adorable! I didn’t see that the third “cup” was a bottle until the last couple pics. I cracked up. Congratulations on the approval!

  2. Tim Chan

    That’s a big and wonderful decision – congrats! And I love the photos too, great work Shelly.

  3. Chantel Klassen (@chantelklassen)

    What a cute announcement! And I totally love the photos!!! So precious!

  4. Niyam Rana Gulati

    I think its a great idea.Not everyone can do this.Keep it up!
    And all the best.

    • Amelia

      Thanks, Didi. And true, not everyone can…we certainly couldn’t without all of the love and support from our families! 🙂

  5. Dana

    Congratulations … and God grant you patience and wisdom in the waiting and mountains of red tape (worth it) until the home has the pitter patter of little feet.

  6. auntie k

    That’s so exciting..congrats!! These pictures turned out beautiful! 🙂

  7. bornbyariver

    We are dreaming about adoption as well and India is near the top of the list. Best wishes to your family!

  8. Eeleah

    so excited for you guys!!!! love the pictures!!

  9. Eric Klaszus

    Hey you two — just wanted to congratulate you both on your journey! Wishing you all the best, and a smooth ride through all of the red tape. cheers!!!

  10. MC

    I love the photos Amelia – especially the bottle! So happy you guys have your approval and are well on your way! Congratulations:)

  11. Alice

    Yay! Wow, congratulations! We’ll be in prayer for you during the long wait – makes 9 months seem like nothing!

  12. Sarah Mahimwala

    Yay!!! Yohan and I are sooooo happy for you guys 😀 we also love that this is posted on Rhea’s birthday 🙂 love the pics and will be praying with u through this process!

  13. Vanessa @ Strickly Speaking

    Gorgeous pictures and oh-so-exciting news! (BTW I thought we should become Facebook friends.) Looking forward to reading all about it.

  14. Dilys

    i’m late to the party but i love the news and the beautiful, creative photos that accompany your exciting announcement! blessings to you both as you wait on the Lord to fulfill his plan!

    • Amelia

      Thank you!! Nice to have you, Dilys! I’m glad you like the pictures–we had so much fun taking them!

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