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Bhangra Class

Posted by on September 15, 2010

“Am I insane”? This is the very question I asked myself as I clicked, “Proceed to Check-out” on our city’s recreation website.

Bhangra? Again?

Allow me to explain. Two years ago, when I moved to BC to be with Varun, we had just gotten engaged. We had also just returned from an incredible trip to India. In my never-ending quest to be a Bollywood star I got my roommate and we signed up for the university’s Bhangra class.

Although the majority of my memories of this class have been repressed, I remember two things:

1. We were two of the three white girls in the class.
2. We had no rhythm and certainly couldn’t “flap like an eagle”.

Why would I submit myself again to semi-public scrutiny and cultural humiliation?

Why does anyone ever do anything absurd? For love. I want our home to be one that is Indian and North American. I want our food, music, friends and conversations to be a blend of our backgrounds. I also want Indian friends. Bhangra class will definitely help me find lovely Indian girls, but I don’t know if they’ll want to be my friend after seeing me dance.

But there’s always pity points.

One Response to Bhangra Class

  1. The roommate

    Um, Miels….

    While we were most definitely terrible (and could not properly “plant the flower and give it to our lover/ flap like an eagle”), there was only one Indian girl, and the rest were white. We sucked compared to the white people, so it wasn’t just cultural, it was a skill-based failure.

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