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Between the Two of Us, We Can Speak English

Posted by on December 9, 2010

Me: learnt? Is that a word? Isn’t it learned?
Varun: No! The past tense of learn is learnt. I learnt that.
Me: Really? Hmm..maybe it’s a british thing. (Thumbs through dictionary). Nope, both work.
Me:(Continuing to read): Spent? Isn’t it spended? Oh wait.
Varun: (laughter)

(He loves those moments)

In the weeks before I started this blog, I spent a lot of time thinking about it and discussing with Varun the pros and cons of opening our lives to public scrutiny. The name was a given: my coworker thought of it and it stuck. Enter Mistake #1 of all relationships: The Assumption. I assumed Varun knew what “ESL” meant and why it was funny. So I went on for weeks laughing and dreaming about this blog.

Until one day.
Varun: What does ESL mean?
Me: (Shocked) (Can I laugh?)(How has he not asked me this before?) (Shocked) This. It’s this.

One Response to Between the Two of Us, We Can Speak English

  1. Lynsey

    Your conversation about the suffix ed is kind of interesting because it actually has three sounds, /id/ /t/ and /d/. It never sounds like ed. So things get confusing especially when it comes to spelling. Anyway, a little tidbit from my tutoring. The things they never teach you, but oh can make so much of a difference. English, why do you have be so confusing?!

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