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Angry Baby Gandalf

Posted by on March 19, 2012

I know. A strange combination of words, n’est-ce pas? Like any grad student searching for a way to procrastinate, I spent some time yesterday looking at my blog stats. I was amazed to see readers in Saudi Arabia, Spain and Turkey (Welcome!!). But I was also amazed to see what google searches had led people here, and my favorite was the search for “angry baby Gandalf”.

Dear Angry Baby Gandalf -Searchee,

Welcome. While I have no angry babies, nor Gandalf, nor an angry baby Gandalf, I have plenty of funny stories to share. I’m sure this blog wasn’t what you were looking for, but I hope you’ll stay a while.

Yours in emotions, children and LOTR,


(If you can’t tell, today was one of those cabin-fever type days. I wrote 1.5 papers and did a ton of research for a paper I’m writing on therapy and intercultural marriage. I also baked a failed loaf of gluten free bread and lost in a round of Monopoly Deal.)

Books books books.

Sunset from our living room floor. Where I was lying, having given up on all hope of productivity.

5 Responses to Angry Baby Gandalf

  1. Spops

    I can’t believe I never thought to do a google search for that…

  2. Julie

    That’s it, I’m doing the search NOW. (Apparently you can find me just typing in “Bach and Mendelssohn”….)

  3. Beth (@bethaf)

    recent searches that have led to my blog:

    “rhino penis”

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