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All The Feelings

Posted by on March 10, 2016

Friends! We are going to India in 3 weeks to meet our little girl!!! 

To say that we are experiencing All the Feelings is a bit of an understatement. Since we found out two weeks ago that the time has come, we have been up to our eyeballs in preparation. Think: nesting + moving out of hotel into friends house + finishing up at work + re-buying items destroyed in flood + mountains of paperwork.

But really, this is why Starbucks offers double shots of espresso: because every task I complete on my Family To-Do Spreadsheet is one step closer to hugging my baby girl.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.41.40 PM

Love the enthusiasm this travel agent brings

Ok. Maybe I should backtrack. A few weeks ago we received our NOC, which is an approval from the Indian government saying that our match with M has ‘no objections’ and can go to Indian court. At this point, we began to hear word that we would be able to go to India and foster M during the court process. Originally, we had been planning on going when court was over and staying for 2-3 weeks. But here was the opportunity to go ASAP and spend 2-3 months (or more?) with M in our home in India while the paperwork is completed.

We dreamed about it, which turned into musing, which turned into considering, which turned into OF COURSE YES!

So, we told our bosses we’re taking parental leave, we applied for visas, bought tickets, filled out fostering paperwork, and, best of all–we got to FaceTime with M! Twice! And the lovely director of the orphanage encouraged us to call regularly to help make M’s transition more smooth. Oh my heart.

You guys, this girl is adorable. M has been inviting all of her friends to come to Canada with her (yes, please). She told us about her favourite foods, the dance she performed at Christmas and, after serious prompting, told us in English, “I love you”.

All. The. Feels.

Sadly, I can’t post her picture online, so instead I’ll just insert some adorable baby animals.

Rant Lifestyle

Rant Lifestyle

Taken from Rant Lifestyle

Rant Lifestyle

Rant Lifestyle

Rant Lifestyle

Not as cute as M, but they’ll tide you over until I can post her charming smile.

Are we excited?! YES!

But. Honestly? There is a trail mix of emotions and thoughts inside me, blog posts for another day.

For now, we’re celebrating that we are many steps closer to meeting our daughter!


9 Responses to All The Feelings

  1. Patti & Kevin

    So awesome!

  2. Bev

    What an amazing Journey God has you all on!

  3. Matt

    Congratulations! You guys will be Great parents. Call us for any parenting advice (just not at 3am).

  4. Sarah Victoria

    Amenia I’m so happy for you!!!how old is M?

  5. Evelyn

    Varun’s going to make “pat the bunny” alot of fun with his amazing story telling skills!

  6. Gayle


  7. N

    Congrats and all the very best to parenthood! 🙂 So very happy to see this news 🙂 Wish we can all see your daughter 🙂

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