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Adoption Update: A Surprise Twist

Posted by on April 26, 2013

I once woke up to find a note under my pillow that told me we were flying to California for my uncle’s wedding. At 11, I had never been on a plane and California seemed to be about The Coolest Thing that could happen to my 5th grade self. But the waiting—it was agony. Luckily, 11 year old Amelia was a big fan of paper chains. I made them to count down to Christmas, the end of school and, of course, our California trip. My sister and I made a mix, rocked out to The Wedding Singer Soundtrack and packed our coolest baggy sweatshirts, flares and headbands.

Waiting for our child is a bit like this. Instead of a paper chain, we have paper signs on our fridge saying ‘Approval!’ and ‘Assigned a RIPA’. Instead of the Wedding Singer, I’m making an adoption playlist (‘A Growing Heart’). Instead of flares and headbands….nope, thanks to Pinterest I’m still wearing headbands.

…Can you tell I’m procrastinating the actual April Adoption Update?

There’s a reason.

Our adoption is…in a holding pattern. Way back in December we gleefully announced that our wee one would be from a RIPA in Andhra Pradesh. Well, in March we got a phone call saying that that RIPA (Orphanage) wouldn’t be able to match us with a child. So, our agency put our file back into the main system (CARA) and we are currently waiting for CARA to reassign us to a new RIPA (orphanage/region).

We’ve been waiting since mid-March for the news from our agency that we’ve been assigned a RIPA. From there, we’ll wait to be assigned a child. At this point, our timeline is quite fuzzy. (Hence the lack of paper chains). On the one hand, anything could happen: we could get assigned a RIPA and a child all in the next month. On the other (more likely) hand, it could be months and months of waiting.

Applications: this is how babies are made in this family.

Applications: this is how babies are made in this family.

And so we wait.

We hang out with adoptive families, learning from the parental wisdom and loving on the kiddies; we babysit friend’s kids and play hide & seek and imagine our life, our little kiddo. We fill out grant applications and save money and keep up with paperwork. We are inundated with love, prayers, support and even financial help from friends, family and strangers. We pray for our child every night and try not to weep over every gotcha day video or random children’s books.

I read this while babysitting. There was weeping.

I read this while babysitting. There was weeping.

And some day, maybe next week or maybe next month, we’ll be matched with a RIPA. And then we’ll be back on an official waiting list waiting to be matched.

Thank you for loving on us, praying for our little one and journeying through this with us!

Timeline in Review

July 2012: Begin homestudy and provincial training

September 2012: Complete homestudy

October 2012: Provincial approval to adopt!

November 2012: Registered with India (CARA)

December 2012: Assigned a RIPA in Andhra Pradesh

March 2012: Withdrawn from RIPA, re-entered into CARA’s system

April 2012: Waiting to be assigned a RIPA so we can be matched with a child….

9 Responses to Adoption Update: A Surprise Twist

  1. Gayle McGuire

    God has your very special little one in His great big capable hands, and He is holding your hearts and hands along this journey with you. As difficult as the waiting may be, your joy will be even greater when you finally get to meet your special (and very blessed!) little one in His perfect timing! Blessings!

  2. Beth (@bethaf)

    Ah, waiting is so tough…

    (also, laughed at your caption for the first image…)

  3. NPARI

    You may want to get in touch with Indian Home Maker πŸ™‚ She recently adopted a eight year old Indian girl after the death of her daughter in 2010.


  4. Eeleah

    God has a plan. Man that would be tough waiting and waiting!! but I’m sure the wait will be worth it πŸ™‚ (I too laughed at the caption on the first image lol)

  5. Miranda

    The bed shot! Ha! Also, I seem to recognise the other book. Thanks for letting us be some of the “friends” you babysit for. πŸ™‚ Love you.

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