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The ChallengeTo love, honor and cherish ’til death do us part. He’s from India, I’m American. He’s kind and gracious, I’m sarcastic and extroverted. His first language is Hindi, mine’s English. He grew up Hindu, I grew up Catholic. Oh yeah, I’m a morning person, he’s not.

The Blog Itself

I want this to be a place where I can post funny stories and happenings that arise from having an intercultural marriage without a shared mother tongue. I want to entertain and find/provide support. I would like to share with the world how, despite our myriad differences and confused communication, Varun and I are brought together in Jesus.

Because I have a huge mouth and tend not to have a high filter, I’ve thought through some parameters for this blog. I won’t post anything without permission and consent of those in the story, I won’t write anything that is hurtful, unkind or racist. I’d like this site to promote understanding and grace in interpersonal relationships by sharing with transparency and sincerity our own story.  Realizing that laughter is the best medicine, the humor I use is to be funny to both Varun and I, and recounted in love. Although the phrase ESL betrays my western leanings, our cultural differences are highly valuable to me.  Our goal is to laugh while we sift through our varying cultural ideas and discard the junk and cherish the gems.

The Author

Crazy enough to submit my life to public scrutiny, but smart enough to marry my best friend.

22 Responses to About

  1. Mindy

    Love you, Meels (and your blog too 😉

  2. Evelyn

    finally dropped by your blog! I guess this will be one way of staying in touch with you guys…

  3. Michelle

    Nice blog 🙂
    The recipes are leaving me hungry!

  4. Eunice

    I just found your blog today, its hilarious. Cant wait to read more. PS. I hope we can hang soon!

  5. kusum

    i enjoyed reading all d blogs….especially d gift bag…n…d musical recitals….
    my friends too found them v interesting .
    nice pics too …..overall well written…n…v entertaining .
    u have gift of writing…nicely expressed…n…presented…!!!!

  6. Jean

    Congrats. for having founding soul mate! May you both grow together and support each other’s growth.

    I’ve been with my partner (originally from Germany as a kid). So he knows more German and hasn’t lost as much his mother tongue as I have lost alot of mine (Chinese). I’m Canadian-born, so the cultural differences really are quite minor for us. We actually share similiar backgrounds –children of immigrant parents, both of us are first-borns, both of us each from poor, working-class families, etc.

    Occasionally, yes my blog posts do reflect a touch on cross-cultural boundaries, tastes, etc. But more on stuff perhaps other people may not know unless one lives in a particular country for awhile, knows someone well as a friend or family member born into that culture/straddling that culture…

    Yes, I do write about food and some cross-cultural influences. The world is most amazing if you allow your heart and mind to be abit more open. I believe there is a soul mate for nearly every good person …..that person maybe from a background, somewhere you never dreamt of.

    There is also someone in this world, not in the same year/era who looks like a shadow twin of oneself. Once upon a time, I nearly freaked when taking subway in Toronto: I saw a South Asian version of my German-Canadian dearie!

    Also @

  7. DramaMama

    Hi! I’m an ESL teacher and I stumbled on your blog =) I’m enjoying it! Thanks for being willing to share your stories!

  8. Ana (Ana Travels)

    I’m in an intercultural marriage too: I’m Argentinean and Hubby’s a Brit. Oh, and we live in Texas, so that’s a third new culture, like a third person in our marriage haha!

    I think that the biggest hurdle in your marriage is probably that you’re a morning person and he isn’t! I find that most of the time these little differences cause more trouble than having cultural backgrounds 🙂

  9. Patrick McDermott

    Great blog! It’s really made me smile this morning.

    I met my Iranian wife 10 years ago today in Geneva. I’m British and we’re now living in Singapore.

  10. ladki

    I was so happy to find your blog. Intercultural marriages definitely give you a lot to write about! So many holidays and traditions. And you are from Philly too. We have a lot in common!

  11. Lana

    So excited to find your blog! I am been with my man for a year his from Punjab n I from Australia! It’s beautiful to see that despite such cultural differences you two can have a wonderful marriage. I hope this for me too one day.

  12. Jen

    It has been such a joy to read your blog. I found it a few days ago, and what an encouragement it has been to my heart to read about your journey. I, too, have an intercultural relationship, I am American, he is from Honduras, and we are both Christians. It’s nice to know others who have traveled a similar path, and to see how both cultures and paths can intertwine and create a beautiful life together. Our story is different, yet, in some ways the same. Ours is just beginning and your journey has been very encouraging to follow. May God bless you, Varun, and your family-to-be.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing story. I look forward to more blogs!

    • Amelia

      Welcome, Jen! I’m glad you feel encouraged by reading our journey. It’s always an interesting one! Sounds like you are already experiencing some of that. I look forward to hearing more comments 🙂

  13. ophelia balan

    Hi Amelia, thank you so much for sharing your story! I love how positive you are, and it’s great to see another couple making the most of their culture differences 🙂 I also write a blog about being married to an Indian over on I live in India at the moment, and have been for the past 6 years, so my experiences are a little different from yours 🙂 Keep the posts coming, love reading them!

  14. Alexandra Madhavan

    Wonderful blog, and I love your header too! I am also in an intercultural marriage, with my Tamilian husband. We live in Vancouver and I write about our experiences on my blog: .

  15. TonyHill

    Hi Amelia, can I send you a mail or are you on Twitter by chance? I have question re your entry Thanks.

  16. Lauren (Indian Love Story)

    Great blog Amela!!
    I am also in an intercultural marriage and I cannot wait to compare some experiences!
    Take care

  17. Chai

    Hey Amelia,

    Good Luck on your adoption. My husband and I are in process of adopting from India as well. The wait is killing me for sure!

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