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A What?

Posted by on April 3, 2013

On Saturday, Varun and I were waiting by the elevator when his cell phone pinged. We were waiting for an email, so he read it. As he did, his eyebrows knit together.

Varun: What does this mean?

Me: What?

Varun: A rain check? “Can we have a rain check”?

Me: Oh, means that they’re busy, but they’d like to come. It’s like. They’d like an I Owe You or a coupon to take us up on the offer another time.

Varun: OH! I thought it meant if it rained, then they could come. But if it didn’t, they couldn’t come.

Clearly, my husband is a creative and intricate thinker. In fact, I think it’s time to introduce Varun to the glorious humour of the Marx Brothers (which is startlingly similar to his ESL reasoning).


Chicolini: I wouldn’t go out there unless I had one of those big iron things that go up and down. What do you call those things?
Firefly: Tanks.
Chicolini: You’re welcome.
            Vera: Oh, for heaven’s sake, don’t make a sound. If you found, you lost.
            Chicolini: Oh, you crazy. How can I be lost if I’m found?

3 Responses to A What?

  1. Nicole Rose

    Have you ever read the Amelia Bedilia series? Adorable little stories about language confusion and literal interpretation — particularly apt!

    • Amelia

      AHHH I hated her as a kid! Every time someone met me they’d ask, “Oh, Amelia? As in Amelia Bedelia?” But yes, very apt. And it is a pretty funny premise…

  2. Spops

    Hahaha the Marx Brothers might make perfect sense to Varun 🙂 I love this post. When conversing with people for whom English is not a first language (or even if it is but they speak differently, like my Scottish brother-in-law), everyday conversations are so much more entertaining!

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