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A Man With Dishpan Hands

Posted by on September 23, 2011

Tuesday night was date night Chez Rana.

Varun suggested that I pick a restaurant, and so I spent the day perusing Urbanspoon in hopes of “trying something new”. We ended up at our favorite Thai restaurant and got our two usual dishes. Hey, why mess with success?

I wore my power heels–leopard print. Courtesy of one Fashionista sister.

I’m currently debating about posting a picture we took at the restaurant. It’s obscene, absurd and hilarious. I’ll have to talk to my board (myself) about our policy regarding inappropriate photos. Spoiler alert:

Varun: Amelia, do you see those elephants having s*x?

Me: Okay, I’m not even looking because you’re lying.

Varun: No. I’m serious. There’s a statue…just look.

Me: (turn) AHH! OH MY! OH dear!

And yes, my dedicated and lovable hubby went directly up to the statue and snapped a pic for posterity (much to the entertainment of the restaurant staff). Love.

Two days ago, I went on an insane cooking spree. I cooked supper. After that, I cooked biryani, and then baked a double batch of muffins. No idea why. The kitchen was in shock (this photo is only half of the mess).

No dishwasher and little counter space

My Mom used to chirp a little maxim when we were kids about marrying a man with “dishpan hands”. Thankfully, my hubby came to my rescue and set up an efficient assembly line of dish washing that would make Henry Ford jealous. Who knew that a man born and raised with servants could be Mr. Dishpan Hands?

3 Responses to A Man With Dishpan Hands

  1. Team Oyeniyi

    Trust me, you are lucky! Years ago I dated a guy who had been raised with servants and he arrived in Australia and could’t even boil and egg, let alone wash clothes or dishes! He came here as an adult student doing a Masters – he soon learnt!

    Good for hubby, applying his systems skills to the domestic scene!

  2. Team Oyeniyi

    By the way – yes, post the elephants!!!

  3. john

    I thoroughly approve of cooking and baking for no reason in particular.

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