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Monthly Archives: January 2014

From Concussion With Love: I Built A Fort

Remember when you were little, and you’d gather a bunch of blankets and sheets and make a fort? (It’s okay if you don’t, Varun had no idea what I was talking about either.) At any rate, it was great fun. So One Day, I was laying at home bored. Actually, that was everyday. In fact … Continue reading »

Categories: Engineering, sleep | 2 Comments

January Adoption Update: Another Twist!

So this isn’t exactly an update, because this isn’t “news”. It’s really “olds”. This particular twist in the journey occurred in September 2013, but yours truly was not in a blogging state. In April 2013, I shared that the orphanage/RIPA we had been assigned to in Hyderabad said they were unable to match us with … Continue reading »

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From Concussia with Love: And There Was Food

I’ve never brought home a new baby, but I hear that when you do, friends and family shower you with love and affection and food. It turns out, the same thing happens when you get injured, minus the bit about staying up all night and changing poopy diapers. Suffice to say, I can’t think, yet … Continue reading »

Categories: food, friends, love | 5 Comments

Hello World, Goodbye Brain-rest!

Well friends, it would appear that I am beginning my transition back into normal life. While it would be impossible to paint a complete picture of the past 18 weeks of my life, I will endeavour to do so through a mini-series called “From Concussia With Love”. (I termed my brain-rest bubble “Concussia”. Because I … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, confusion, life | 10 Comments