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Monthly Archives: August 2013

On Brain Vacation

Two of my three sports related injuries involved sports equipment falling on my head while I was not engaged in sports. This is how athletic I am. Unfortunately, on Sunday evening at a picnic I acquired one such injury: an over-inflated soccer ball to the head. I was not playing soccer. Heck, I wasn’t even … Continue reading »

Categories: embarassing, friends, sleep, summer | 4 Comments

Summer Links

Hello Friends! It’s true, there has not been a lot of blogging happening recently. But, there has been a lot of life happening. And a lot of guitar-playing happening. Until I gather my thoughts into something life-changing, or until Varun busts out another hilarious cultural snafu, here is the Best of The Internet… Thanks, Kate, … Continue reading »

Categories: food, hilarious, life, summer | 2 Comments

Self-Care, Whatever That Is

“Busy, but good!” I’m getting a bit tired of hearing myself say this in response to all “How are you” type questions. I suspect that we’re all busy. But is it “good”? This part, I’m a bit less sure of. As a counsellor-in-training, I spend a lot of time talking to My People about self-care. … Continue reading »

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