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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Babies and Books

I passed the tiny bundle to Varun, careful to place her head gently on his waiting arms. As we gazed into the sleepy face of our dear friends’ newborn daughter, the conversation turned to our To-Be-Child. Joyfully, the now-mother-of-3 told me that maybe her daughter and our baby were born around the same time, and … Continue reading »

Categories: adoption, family, friends, kids, love | 7 Comments

The Time We Survived Camping

Armed with a tub of Nutella, camping gear and excellent reader suggestions, Varun and I embarked on our First Ever Camping Trip By Ourselves. Other than a hint of sunburn and one mildly damp sleeping bag, the weekend was disaster-free. Our first objective upon reaching the campsite was to hang the tarp. Between comments from … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, food, love, physics, sunshine | 5 Comments

Are We Crazy?

Somewhere in the middle of job-drama and school and adoption, Varun and I had the brilliant idea to go camping for our 4th Anniversary. Because really, nothing says romance like sandy tents and communal showers. Here’s the catch: I’m not sure if we have the skills for this endeavour. Growing up, my family did our … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, love, travel | 10 Comments

Dear Western Bride of a South Asian Groom, Part II

Imagine a Bollywood movie about a beautiful, respectful, graceful and demure Indian girl. Okay, now imagine a white girl, botching words in Hindi, inadvertently wearing shirts backwards and speaking her mind at inappropriate moments. I am, of course, the first girl. Ahem. In April, I wrote a letter to a dear friend who was wedding … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, bollywood, communication, dancing, family, india, travel | 2 Comments