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Monthly Archives: May 2013

The End of An Era

I like dramatic post titles, so it’s likely I’ve already used this one or will use it again. Nevertheless, it is the end of an era: Varun’s sister, Vasudha, left North America this weekend to return home to India. After living in NYC for almost 3 years, she’s heading home to India to pursue graphic … Continue reading »

Categories: family, life, travel | 1 Comment

Someone’s Last 20-Something Birthday

Varun and I were teammates on a trip when we met in North Africa. Over the course of several weeks, we became friends. One evening we were taking an overnight bus ride across the country, which incidentally was 6 years ago today–Varun’s birthday. Somehow we ended up sitting next to one another (by accident *cough*cough*). … Continue reading »

Categories: birthday, love | 4 Comments

When Strangers Ask About My Lady Parts

She raised her eyebrows and leaned forward. Her arm made a sweeping motion over her stomach, pantomiming the belly of a very pregnant woman. “Can you not have your own?!”, she whispered conspiratorially. I laughed too loudly and informed her, and the bored occupants of the waiting room of the Brooklyn Tow Pound, that we … Continue reading »

Categories: adoption, awkward, manners | 9 Comments

A Proposal Story

Five years ago, Varun, his sister and my brother and I were wandering lazily through a shopping mall in New Dehli. Varun and I were there to Meet the Parents, and my brother (who was then serving with the US Navy in the Middle East) had joined us for a weekend. I don’t know who … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, confusion, family, india, love, wedding | 3 Comments

Chili and Being Real

I’m sorry there’s not enough salad. And the chili doesn’t really taste like anything. Feel free to add spices. Or whatever. It’s okay if you hate chili–I won’t be offended. I rehearsed these apologies over and over again in my head as I walked over to the home of  a couple in our Bible Study … Continue reading »

Categories: food, friends, love | 6 Comments