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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Adoption Update: A Surprise Twist

I once woke up to find a note under my pillow that told me we were flying to California for my uncle’s wedding. At 11, I had never been on a plane and California seemed to be about The Coolest Thing that could happen to my 5th grade self. But the waiting—it was agony. Luckily, … Continue reading »

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What We’ve Been Laughing About

I’m a firm believer in laughter. Varun and I take great joy in laughing at with each other over cultural and linguistic confusions. Here’s what we’ve been laughing about this week… Me: Oh, that reminds me of this movie I used to watch as a kid, Bambi. Varun: Barbie? Me: No, Bambi. It’s about this … Continue reading »

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They Still Say Hello Over There

I think this week, of all weeks, is a week for grace. It’s a week to watch an inane┬ávideo of One American mocking Canadians and to realize, No one person fully represents any people group. Shepherd Smith’s views of Canadians may be highly visible, but they don’t represent the attitude of (all) Americans toward (all) … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, communication, manners | 2 Comments

Goodbye, Grandfather

It’s been one of those weeks (months?) where I seem to be jumping from crisis to crisis. Thankfully, God has provided sunshine, dear family and friends, and enough chocolate chip cookies to see me through. Last week, I went home to celebrate his life and mourn the loss of my Grandfather. This week, my heart … Continue reading »

Categories: family, love | 2 Comments

Sari Love

I wrote this post this past weekend and have postponed publishing it. While this is a sad and busy week, I think a post like this is a good reminder of life, joy, laughter and love. ______________________________ Wearing a sari is basically one of my favourite perks of being married to Varun. Well, that and … Continue reading »

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