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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Don’t Laugh: Indian Winters Are a Real Thing

I’m never too sure how much people want to read blog posts about someone else’s vacation. Don’t get me wrong–I love oogling over pictures of Machu Picchu and salivating as I linger peruse images of jambalaya or gelato. But when it comes to my own travel tales, I’m hesitant. I’ve decided to limit myself to … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, india, travel, winter | 12 Comments

Need a Pep-talk?

It’s time to be honest: there’s no way I’m writing a poetic, reflective and insightful post today. It’s raining, I’ve already done the Facebook/Youtube thing, eaten cookies, changed outfits and am still looking at my Systematic Theology assignment like it’s Greek (thankfully, it’s not). The good news is, Youtube is still functioning, and Kid President … Continue reading »

Categories: hilarious, india, indian food, kids, life | 3 Comments

In Which You Can Laugh At Both Of Us

Yesterday, I asked a friend how much I should be willing to embarrass myself on my blog. Ever a caring friend, she replied quickly, “As much as you’re comfortable with; I want to laugh”. I’ve debated sharing this video for about a week, and last night I decided to share it with you. While we … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, confusion, dancing, embarassing, hilarious, india, winter | 5 Comments

Thoughts from a To-Be Adoptive Mama’s Heart

Perhaps because we’re in the process of adopting a child, or perhaps because India is a young nation, I noticed children everywhere in India: babies peeping out from their mother’s embrace; dusty, tired children carrying loads of sticks and bright-eyed children sporting unspoiled designer shoes. As I looked into each face, I wondered. Will our … Continue reading »

Categories: adoption, family, india, kids, love | 4 Comments

Culture Shock Canada!

The sky is low and grey. Snowflakes drift lazily, framed by the library window. A lecture floats through my earbuds, vying for my attention. As I click through dozens of photos brightly painted houses, shrieking children, lush palms and steaming chapatis┬ápull me out of the dull Ontario winter and into memories. Culture shock is a … Continue reading »

Categories: Canada, confusion, india, life, manners, travel | 1 Comment