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Monthly Archives: August 2012

The People We Never Were (And Probably Never Will Be)

Change is in the air. We’re in that awkward time of year when it’s still super hot out, but the evenings are quickly becoming cool. When stores are a mess of back to school fashion and bathing suits on clearance. It’s not quite Fall and it’s just barely still Summer. For over-achievers like me, this … Continue reading »

Categories: Fall, Housekeeping, life, sleep | 10 Comments

Love and Dessert

I love dessert. Whenever I’m invited to a friend’s house for supper, I ask what I can bring. Partly because Mama raised me right, and partly because by offering I believe can ensure that dessert will be served. As kids, my siblings and I found countless ways to ingest sugar. On summer nights we’d slurp … Continue reading »

Categories: dessert, family, hilarious, india, Italy, love | 2 Comments

In Which I Encounter Growing Pains (& Immediately Dislike Them)

Remember when you were little, and you thought that your parents were born 35 years old, bossy, intelligent and fearless? When your Dad would tell you about the 70’s and the Beatles and you couldn’t imagine ever being old enough to have “old college friends”? Remember when you thought you’d never grow up? Well, my … Continue reading »

Categories: Canada, family, international, life, travel, USA | 14 Comments

How Ontario Lulled Me Into Forgetting Winter

Today I was driving through downtown, windows down and country music blasting. I was feeling warm in my sundress with the sun beating on my burned-now-bronzed skin. (Too many years of living in Long Cold Winter Places has made me hate A/C). Then, something crazy happened. The radio announcer wished us a Happy End Of … Continue reading »

Categories: Canada, life, sunshine, winter | 2 Comments

Independence Day!

A little bit late but….Happy Independence Day to all of our Indian friends and family!

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