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Monthly Archives: July 2012

My Life in Olympics

All of this Olympic excitement is making me nostalgic. Was it already one Olympics ago that we moved to Ontario? Has it seriously been two Winter Olympics since I left home? (Have I really gotten to the age where I measure my life in Olympics?) Okay, while I go dissolve into a puddle of teary … Continue reading »

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Road trip!

I’m super excited to have the privilege of being a guest blogger at the blog of my dear friend’s Tim and Olive today! Stop by and read my post, “What I learned About Marriage From Rubbermaid Storage Boxes“. Weird title, I know. But what did you expect? [This is where I put in a picture … Continue reading »

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Summer Bucket List

As I squinted into the sun reflecting off of Lake Ontario, cooling down from my run, I was struck by the realization that summer is nearly half-way over (school/work/holidays-wise, not calendar-wise). It got me thinking that I’d like to create a (modest) list of things to do before summer ends. Summer Bucket List: 1. Go … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, life, sunshine, travel | 8 Comments

Either I Really Meant It, Or I’ve Reached a Creative Wall

So tired I (Yup, actually wrote that. Freudian slip.) So today I wrote a blog post in my head about how it’s 2 p.m. and I’m running (reasonably well) on 3 hours of sleep and how this gives me hope that maybe I’ll be able to handle the whole Mom Thing. And then I remembered, … Continue reading »

Categories: confusion, kids, life, sleep | 1 Comment

Married and Friends?

Isn’t weird how easy it is to be unkind to the people you love the most? In fact, this is one of the topmost things I wish I could change about myself. Sometimes, God gives me gentle reminders to act in love and grace. Like yesterday. Last night was date night. It was 38 C/ … Continue reading »

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