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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Increasingly “Normal”

I read an article today from last year about a Church in Kentucky that wouldn’t let an interracial couple be members. Part of me found this laughable, why ever not?! The other part of me found this very, very sad. Varun and I have been surrounded by incredible support throughout our relationship–never have any of … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, international, love, wedding | 2 Comments

A Permanent Residency Shaped Email

I have some great news. (No, Girl Scout cookies are not buy one get one). On Thursday, we were notified that our Canadian Permanent Residency application is nearly completed!! If you check the immigration website (which I have bookmarked), it says the processing time for our type of application is 15 months. Fifteen months. Now, … Continue reading »

Categories: Canada, immigration | 7 Comments

The True North Strong and Free

When people realize that neither Varun nor I are Canadian and that we have no family in the entire country, they ask, “Why do you live here?!”. In the USA, we’re typically met with a similar sentiment, “Canada, EH?! When are you moving back to America?”. There are many varied answers to those questions, some … Continue reading »

Categories: Canada, immigration, life | 4 Comments

Sunshine and Study Breaks

The doors and windows are open, my toes are free from socks and I’m slogging through papers trying to tell myself it’s “Reading Week”, not “Spring Break”. After months of early evenings and chilly days, it’s 12 C* and sunny! Despite my attempts at self-discipline, it’s way too gorgeous to stay inside. So I’m taking … Continue reading »

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Lasagna Challenge, Part 2

Remember the whole Me Being Italian* Thing? Yeah…me neither. Sometimes I get lost in clouds of turmeric and coriander, my mind filled with sitar music and bhangra beats. And then I am reminded:  I grew up on cannoli,  classical music, pasta and hearing my Grandma say, “Va fa a Napoli!” when annoyed. Imagine my surprise … Continue reading »

Categories: family, food, Italy | 1 Comment