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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pumpkin Pie, Falling Leaves and Family

This weekend Varun and I packed the car with textbooks, luggage, PB & J sandwiches, and drove to Pennsylvania. We helped do laundry and cook dinner. We played board games with my family. My Dad and I debatedĀ  the techniques of rolling out pie dough and baked a delicious pumpkin pie. We spent quality time … Continue reading »

Categories: dessert, Fall, family, food, Italy, life | 2 Comments


I work part-time as a student journalist for my university. On Monday, I covered an event at the university dealing with the rehabilitation of girls rescued from sex-trafficking in Kolkata, India. It was heart-breaking, incredible and inspiring. Did you know that in India, the average age of girls entering the sex industry is 10-14? Did … Continue reading »

Categories: india, life, poverty, travel | 1 Comment

More Fun With Words

Yesterday we met a New Friend who I had met once before and who knows many people I knew. We quickly got to chatting. New Friend: Then I came to this Church and when they played this song and it was just….waterworks (hands pointing to face). Varun: ‘Waterworks’ meaning there was water coming from your … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, confusion, hilarious, language | 6 Comments