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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Life These Days

The other night we were reading before bed and I was engrossed in a book about food allergies. Me: Oh my gosh. Varun. Did you know you can be allergic to tap water? Maybe THAT’S the problem! Maybe you’re allergic to tap water. Varun: (Silence) Me: Seriously! Varun: Tap water? Amelia. I’m Indian, that’s just … Continue reading »

Categories: embarassing, food, immigration, life | 1 Comment

Paperwork Water Torture

“But Mom, Amelia likes writing papers. If I had to write papers like she has to write for school…I’d rather stay up all night studying for an engineering exam”, Varun mentioned nonchalantly. I could not believe my ears. I confirmed later that this was indeed true, he would rather cram for an exam about electronic … Continue reading »

Categories: immigration, international, life | 5 Comments

Cooking Fear #238

I have a serious love for a North Indian dish called Biryani. It consists of meat, rice, spices, raisins and nuts layered and cooked together into an aromatic and flavorful blend of deliciousness. Once, a friend and I were craving it and spent the better part of week searching for the perfect Biryani in Mumbai. … Continue reading »

Categories: food, india, indian food | 8 Comments

Independence Day: Fifteenth August

If I had a dollar for every time I went to the Consulate of India in Toronto I’d be able to pay for 25 minutes of downtown parking. But seriously. I have been there more than 7 times since January. And it’s not because they give out free Indian food. (They don’t). This morning I … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, family, Holidays, immigration, india | 7 Comments

Delhi Belly

A few weeks before we left for India, I acted against the advice of the CDC and took Dukarol. This was done in hopes of avoiding, what I affectionately call, Delhi Belly. If you recall, my brother Luke did not take Dukarol. And so, tummies braced in anticipation, we both headed to India hoping to … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, embarassing, food, indian food, travel | 4 Comments