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Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Roads of India

So proud of my brother Luke for making this amazing video! Special thanks to Varun’s Mom and Papa for letting us attach a camera to the roof rack AND stop every 20 minutes to reset the video!

Categories: india, travel | 15 Comments

Happy Belated Canada Day/Fourth of July!

“So, I don’t want to sound stupid, but I’ve always been confused: what’s the difference between an “ex-pat” and a “defector”?”-Someone Whose Name Shall Go Unmentioned This question was posed to me a few weeks ago after I mentioned my pending application for Permanent Residency in Canada. A defector?! Having not abandoned or betrayed my … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, customs, international, life, winter | 3 Comments

“Well, I Guess We’re Not in Kansas Any More”

As Varun and I looked out of the tiny airplane window as we touched down at Pearson Airport, we laughed at the obviousness of this statement. Canada. Home (nearly). So different from India. No matter how many times I return to North America from overseas, it always takes a few days for my eyes to … Continue reading »

Categories: family, Holidays, india, indian food, life, travel | 3 Comments

The Wrong EmPHAsis on the Wrong SylLabel

Varun: Um, why does the cheese say “rape”? Me: HUH? What? (Examines conatainer) Oooh. Rah-PAY. It’s Italian, I think it means grated. (Pause) Varun: I like mur-DURRR! Me: Um. What? Varun: Just because you change the way you say it doesn’t make it good. Interesting point. Reminds me of this 2003 gem, View from the … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, communication, confusion, food, hilarious, language, semantics | 1 Comment