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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Summer Ponderings

It is hot and sunny in Ontario! And as I mentioned in a previous post, this is a rarity in the Great White North (ie, Canadia). As a result I have been doing a lot of sitting in the sun, swimming and BBQing. And not much blogging. In the near future, I do hope to … Continue reading »

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Say what?

Recently, I have had some odd conversations. Perhaps I hang out with odd people, or perhaps I just find everything funny. I think the amount of traveling, cultures, countries and languages in our everyday life just make for hilarity and confusion. Varun: Well, I never adjust my eyebrows (Pronounced “bros”, rhymes with “hose”). Me: Yeah, … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, confusion, hilarious, Hindi, india, language, manners | 4 Comments

“Prepare to Falls in Love”

In case you think all I do is hang out and go places, I’d like to change your mind. But not today. Today I border-hopped to the USA to meet up with Varun’s cousin, her husband, two daughters and in-laws. My cousin and her husband are super fun and chill, their children are adorable and … Continue reading »

Categories: confusion, family, life, travel | 7 Comments

Escape From the City

I highly recommend this awesome song while reading this post: This past weekend, Varun and I went up North to “Cottage Country” with some friends for some summertime fun. Apparently, this is how Ontarians spend their short summers: sipping Molson’s on the docks of lovely cottages by “pristine” lakes. We canoed. Being the smallest, I … Continue reading »

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Everybody Dance Now!

Every so often someone asks me for some Hindi or Bollywood music. I think the sudden influx of requests may be due to my brother posting this picture on Facebook: I figured I might as well post it here, because when pictures like this hit the WWW, there’s no turning back. So yes, with a … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, dancing, hilarious | 4 Comments