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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember those books? About 1/3 of the way through, you got to choose whether you wanted to follow the bank robber or tell the police. And whatever you chose would launch you into a whole other story and, ultimately, a different ending. It’s fun when it’s a book. It’s less fun when it’s your digestive … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, food, india, international, travel | 2 Comments

Hobby Night in Canada

Tonight is hobby night, chez nous. This is where Varun dives into the world of electronics, and I run around making phone calls, thinking of funny things to tell Varun, watching the Canucks lose, bake, interrupt Varun, and think of everything I can to do besides schoolwork. This man has serious concentration (he’s building some … Continue reading »

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Yo Queiro Taco Bell

I really, really like Mexican food. Let me rephrase that: I love imitation Mexican food. I’ve only ever eaten one meal in Mexico, and it was everything I dreamed it would be. Recently, I’ve been craving Mexican food like nothing else. Why? Because my brother John is in Ecuador. I know. I Know! Ecuador and … Continue reading »

Categories: family, food | 3 Comments

Just Another Day

On saturday, we were lounging in the sun on a rooftop patio restaurant in Ottawa with some friends. The mixture of cultures and experiences along with some good food and beer made for a hilarious afternoon. Varun: (reading the menu description of a taco tapas) Striploin? What kind of dish IS this? Everyone: HAHAHHAHA Me: … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, communication, confusion, food, hilarious | 2 Comments

Dream Big

Okay, friends. Time for a little good-old-fashioned honesty. I have been dreaming big recently. Here’s the honest part: the bigger I dream, the more afraid I get. It seems that most of my friends and family are in amazing places in their lives right now: finishing grad school, working dream jobs, traveling the world, fighting … Continue reading »

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