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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Too True

A word about summer. I love it. When I hear complaints about lack of Air Conditioning, the Humidex and sunburn, and I think to myself, why isn’t it summer All.Year.Long? Varun says I’d miss winter. I can now say I am quite certain I would not. Case in point: My sister lives in Hawaii, and … Continue reading »

Categories: life, winter | 4 Comments

Welcome to the 90’s

If you’ve never visited Awkward Family Photos before, go do it right now. You will get to a whole new level of Wasting Time On The Internet. You’ll thank me. Speaking of Awkward Family Photos. My sister and I were digging through some family photos recently and came across this GEM. Sorry Mark, now you … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, embarassing, family, hilarious, kids | 5 Comments

To Love and To Cherish

Last fall, we were having supper at the house of some friends. Friend: So, how long have you two been married? Varun: 18 months, on Tuesday. Needless to say, everyone was very impressed that he knew to such a precise degree (We didn’t tell them we had just been talking about it on the car … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, family, life, wedding | 4 Comments

Happy Holidays!

This morning, Varun and I were driving to Church and neither of us had consumed our requisite cup of caffeine (or two). We weren’t entirely on our game. Me: Oh! Let’s call our Dad’s and wish them Happy Father’s day. Varun: (Mumble…mumble…zzzz) I start dialing the phone and Varun puts it on speaker phone so … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, confusion, family, india, kids, language, life | 9 Comments

Two thoughts

One serious, one less so. On a serious note, like most Canadians, I’ve been reeling as I’ve watched the post-Stanley Cup loss riots in Vancouver. Surely this cannot be the city I came to love? The city of bike lanes, granola and Co-ops for Everything? As I look through these pictures I’m filled with anger … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, confusion, life, travel | 7 Comments