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Monthly Archives: May 2011

No Beer For You

This past weekend I was visiting my parents. My brothers had the great idea to have a bonfire, so I went on a mission to buy s’mores ingredients and beer. At the beer store you can only purchase 36 packs, so an awkward, teenaged-looking boy who looked too young to operate a car- let alone … Continue reading »

Categories: confusion, embarassing, international, life | 11 Comments


Growing up in a family whose diet was strictly meat, potatoes, pasta and Americanized Chinese food (when we were feeling adventurous), I don’t think I encountered mangoes until my first trip to India. Mangoes were in season, succulent and cheap. During frightfully hot days in New Delhi a juicy mango was a welcome treat. Upon … Continue reading »

Categories: food, life | 6 Comments

The Proposal

Me: Guess what tomorrow is?! Varun: (Deer in the headlights look) Tomorrow. Today is May…13th. No, 16th. Me: (Smiling sweetly) Varun: (Beginning to get that Nervous Husband Look) The day we started… (Brain firing on all cylinders) The day we got engaged! See what just two years of marriage can teach a man! It’s true. … Continue reading »

Categories: celebrations, customs, dating, family, hilarious, india, life, story-telling, wedding | 11 Comments

Chocolate. (Need I say more?)

ating chocolate requires grace, endurance and, usually, the enthusiasm of women. Varun doesn’t love chocolate, but he doesn’t dislike it either. In our house, chocolate consumption goes something like this: Me: I’m craving chocolate. Self: Me too! Me: Varun–do you want some chocolate? Varun: No thanks, just more wine. (Here I carefully break two squares … Continue reading »

Categories: dessert, family, food | 2 Comments

The Lotus Pose

Our premarital counselling involved discussions about things like finances and family. What it did not include was a questionnaire about sleeping habits. Luckily for me. As I mentioned in “What Indians Do At Night” , Varun has some funny sleeping habits. But let’s be honest: mine are way wierder. I’m grateful we didn’t discuss this … Continue reading »

Categories: hilarious, life, sleep | 10 Comments