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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Chak De India!

I’m not gonna lie: I’m a total band wagon jumper when it comes to sports. Or more precisely, sports playoffs. I can go for years without thinking about or watching a sport, but when there’s a World Cup/Super Bowl or a team playing from the city/state/province/country that I happen to be in, I’m a Fan. … Continue reading »

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Happy Blog-aversary!

Varun and I went to two birthday parties today, one for a dog, and one for a friend. But today is also another birthday: this blog’s! Wooo! As of today, I’ve been blogging here for one year. Recently, Varun and I were chatting… Me (in Hindi): You’re an owl’s husband Varun: What?! Me: (repeated it … Continue reading »

Categories: animals, birthday, celebrations, communication, confusion, language | 11 Comments

No Stilletos Here

The other evening, we were at a friend’s house and Varun was telling the story about how we met and fell in love. Varun: And by then, I was head over heels in love with her. Wait, No. Is that right? Me: Yup, that’s the right phrase. Varun: Can guys be “head over heels”? I … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, language, story-telling | 1 Comment

Bureaucracy: 6 Amelia: 1

(This might sound like complaining. I’m going to a call it A Rant.) As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, having a cross-cultural marriage in a third country results in a life complicated by various visa/passport/immigration issues. This past month, I have fought a losing battle against bureaucracy. Today was a small, but important victory. … Continue reading »

Categories: confusion, immigration, international, life | 5 Comments

Finland, Anyone?

For someone made the decision to get married at 21, I have a curiously hard time with commitments. Signing up for classes and buying airplane tickets elicit more distress and second-guessing that choosing to Tie The Knot. Odd, I know. (I guess it was an easy decision because my hubby is so awesome) (AWWW). At … Continue reading »

Categories: family, food, india, Uncategorized, wedding | 7 Comments