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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Mad Skillz

I’ve always known Varun was good at math. I’ve always known I’m not. Actually, being told by my grade 12 calculus teacher that she “didn’t know how I got into (her) class” as I wasn’t prepared for it really hammered that point home for me. That’s why I was born into the era of calculators, … Continue reading »

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Who Are You Again?

After Church on sunday, Varun was chatting with someone we hadn’t met before. I approached Varun and he turned to introduce me. Varun: This is Amelia. She’s- Friend: Oh. (Pause) Are you…related? Me: Nope! Varun: Well. We’re married. Me: Yeah. But we’re not like actually related. Varun: Yeah. We don’t look alike. See? (At this … Continue reading »

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Dog. House. Baby. House. Dog.

Two things you need to know. 1. Varun never really babysat and is very close in age to his younger sister. As a result, he has never changed a diaper and finds the idea frightening-at best. (As opposed to me who was paid by my Mom to change my little brother’s diapers (25 cents/diaper) and … Continue reading »

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Chocolate or Water?

I love chocolate. I crave it daily. Really though, it’s a privilege to crave sweets. Did you know that one in eight people doesn’t have access to clean drinking water? That’s astounding! During my first visit to India, I was haunted by the faces of little children who came begging up to the car window … Continue reading »

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All In A Day’s Work

Earlier this month, Varun’s sister Vasudha was visiting us. We had so much fun!!!! One of the days, we went downtown to see the live taping of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight as he interviewed Rémy Girard, a Quebecois actor. What an oddly Canadian experience for her. Before the show, George asked who had traveled the furthest … Continue reading »

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