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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Nothing to Say? Sing!

Today in Church Varun and I met a very friendly family from Pakistan. They mentioned how difficult it is to get their children to speak Urdu, their mother tongue. Once in the car, Varun lamented his gradual loss of Hindi, while I lamented the loss of my Hindi teacher. We made a deal: speak Hindi … Continue reading »

Categories: confusion, dancing, Hindi, language | 6 Comments

Hindi Lesson # 2

While I thought I was merely writing into the abyss which is cyberspace, I have apparently accumulated a readership which includes more than My Mom. (Actually, My Mom isn’t in on the blog scene and doesn’t, in fact, read this.) As such, my readers have, like the masses throughout history, begun making demands. Apparently, I … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, hilarious, Hindi, language, manners | 1 Comment

My Turn to Blush

I don’t usually hide in bathroom stalls and text friends to avoid social situations. But sometimes, no other course of action seems viable. It was last February, and Varun was months into his job hunt. It had been suggested to him to join professional engineering organizations and shmooze with people in his field. So, he … Continue reading »

Categories: awkward, confusion, customs, dancing, food, hilarious, india, manners | 3 Comments

Handle With Care

Last night we were having dinner with friends of ours from Vancouver who are in Ontario for a visit. We were chatting about our days in Vancouver when they reminded me of a funny story. We had had friends over for dinner and Varun got up to make tea. He was using the teapot we … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, confusion, dessert, language, semantics | 3 Comments

There’s No Place Like Home

Varun and I are engaged in a long and epic battle: pursuing permanent residency in three countries. Armed with passport-sized photographs and birth certificates, we are applying for American, Canadian and Indian immigration. At this point, we have no shared citizenship and every border crossing involves holding our breath and hoping someone’s visa is accepted. … Continue reading »

Categories: family, india, international | 3 Comments